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Personal email: terry@terryfrei.com


Terry Frei is a general feature writer and columnist at

the Greeley Tribune, a commentator for Mile High

Sports, an affiliate professor at Metropolitan State

University of Denver and the author of seven well-received 

books. He also has written for the Denver Rocky Mountain

News, the Denver Post, the Oregonian, and The Sporting News.


On the heels of his critically acclaimed fact-based novel, 

Olympic Affair: Hitler's Siren and America's Hero, Frei

returned to non-fiction for March 1939: Before the

Madness.  Frei's other non-fiction books are Playing Piano in a

Brothel; '77: Denver, the Broncos, and a Coming of Age

Third Down and a War to Go, and Horns, Hogs, and Nixon


The Witch's Season was his first novel. He started writing it
at age 17, and part of it appeared in the Wheat Ridge 
(Colo.) High literary magazine. It was published many years
Frei and Adrian Dater also collaborated on Save By Roy
Frei spent his early years in Eugene, Oregon, where his father,
Jerry, spent 17 years on the University of Oregon football
staff, including as the Ducks' head coach. Jerry Frei,
a decorated World War II fighter pilot, was progressive
and ahead of his times on such issues as integrating
his coaching staff and allowing his players freedom to
wear their hair as they liked and participate in campus
politics and anti-war protests. In fact, those teams, players,
coaches and times became the basis of The Witch's Season.

Terry is a graduate of Wheat Ridge High School in the Denver
area -- he was half of the infamous (Dave) Logan & Frei battery --
and has degrees in history and journalism from the University of
Colorado at Boulder. At CU,  he has served as vice chair of the History
Department advisory board and chair of the International Affairs
advisory board.

Frei has been named a state's sportswriter of the year
seven times -- four times in Colorado and three times in
Oregon. At various times in his career, he has been best
known for his NFL and/or  NHL writing, but has covered
it all. In Denver, he frequently has been labeled a "hockey writer"
because of his long-time  coverage of the Colorado Avalanche
and the NHL for The Denver Post and also simultaneously
as a featured ESPN.com hockey columnist for eight years. He
doesn't dodge that title but it doesn't do justice to his
background and ecletic interests as a writer and columnist.
At The Sporting News, his stories included major or cover
pieces on Jerry Rice,Thurman Thomas, Emmitt Smith, 
Shaquille O'Neal, Michael Irvin, Richard Dent and Aeneas
Williams. He has covered many Olympic Games, Super
Bowls, NBA Finals, NHL Finals, World Series, Final Fours,
major bowl games and high-profile boxing matches -- all
while continuing to enjoy writing about events both high
profile and grassroots. (Credentials from one of each
are below.) 
Because of his extensive research, interviewing and writing
about the U.S. effort in World War II, in both European and
Pacific theaters, Frei appears at veterans-oriented functions,
as shown below.




At Seoul, the Soviet Union basketball
team, with Lithuanian and future
Portland Trail Blazer Arvydas Sabonis
among the stars, beat the United
States' team of collegians in the
semifinals and went on to win the
gold medal. The Dream Team was
four years off. Terry Frei covered
those Games at Barcelona, too.

Sugar Ray Leonard stole rounds
with calculated late flurries and
upset Marvin Hagler. 



Terry Frei was at courtside in the
Chicago Stadium when Michael
Jordan scored a record 35 points
in the first half of Game 1 against
the Trail Blazers.   

The Colorado Avalanche won the
Stanley Cup for the second time ...
and Joe Sakic made a great touch
pass to Ray Bourque. 



In the 50th NCAA tournament,
Kansas beat Oklahoma for the
title. At the Final Four, the NCAA
honored the first champions, the
1939 Oregon Webfoots -- a team
Terry Frei wrote about later in the
book March 1939: Before the

Joe Paterno's Nittany Lions beat
Jimmy Johnson's Miami Hurricanes
14-10 in the battle of unbeatens.


Under former Jerry Frei assistant
George Seifert, the San Francisco
49ers routed the San Diego Chargers


The Rockies' remarkable late-season 
and playoff run came to an end against
the Boston Red Sox.   



This was a dual portrait of Richard Dent
and Ken Ruettgers, who went up
against each other twice a season for
several years in the Bears-Packers


Terry Frei visited Rice in Starkville and
Crawford, Mississippi in the offseason
for this profile.









Former Arkansas Congressman John 

Paul Hammerschmidt as Terry Frei

delivers the John Paul Hammerschmidt

Lecture about the events portrayed in

Horns, Hogs, and Nixon Coming in

Harrison, Arkansas. Praise for the book

was bi-partisan, since in addition to

coming from Hammerschmidt and his

friend, George H.W. Bush, who both

attended the 1969 Texas-Arkansas

game in the Nixon entourage and

contributed their remembrances to

Terry Frei, it also came from ...  



... Bill Clinton, with Terry Frei in

the White House. Clinton's 1969

selective service draft status was

an issue in HHNC. The book included a

ground-breaking interview with

former University of Arkansas

ROTC director Eugene Holmes,

but it was handled in an even-

handed manner and the former

president praised Frei's book

in his autobiography.



Terry Frei speaks at veterans-oriented

events and functions, and here he's

delivering a keynote address on the

first night of the World War II Glider

Conference. They keynoter on the

second night was...


James Megellas with Terry Frei

at the World War II Glider Conference.

Megellas was the most decorated

officer in the history of the 82nd

Airborne in the fight against the

scourge of Nazi Germany. 



With the original Broadway cast of "Mamma

Mia": Karen Mason, Louise Pitre and Judy Kaye.