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Below are links to more than 70 of my Greeley Tribune columns and stories from April 2018 to April 2019. Many of them also ran in papers around Colorado, including in The Denver Post, and around the country in Associated Press distribution. As you can see, the subject matter was very eclectic. Also, the list is not close to being all-inclusive of my work in that enjoyable year. I also wrote many additional dues-paying, local-angle stories as part of a small, energetic and talented writing staff, and my byline/column mug count for the 12-month period was roughly 348.  


Although it's a bit haphazard, I've tried to group these samples by similar subject matter. I believe if you even just scroll through the listings, you can tell I enjoyed myself. In fact, I wouldn't be including this on my site if I didn't believe it was some of the best work of my career and a reminder that discovering and telling the stories of "real" people can be every bit as -- or more -- rewarding than following around the famous in high-profile environments. -- TF  





After Randy Bangert's death: A touching three-sided friendship

 among journalists, dating back to Arapahoe High and UNC 


STOPBLEED-GDT-042918-1x.jpg Leann2.jpg

Leeann Krayenhagen's miraculous story of survival after

horrendous motorcyle crash and the heroes who saved her 




Now I've seen it all: Former CSU professor Lee Maxwell's

astounding Washing Machine Museum in Eaton

This column was picked up by 18 other newspapers/sites, including The Denver Post





Going to the movies with National

Federation of the Blind, Greeley chapter




Wait ... Did our Greeley group's Fort Logan National Cemetery

tour guide just say he was a hostage in Iran?




Two columns on Northern Colorado women

who made huge contributions in uniform 



Greeley's Edna Middlemas earned the Bronze Star ... 

but wouldn't talk about how



This column also ran in many other outlets. Some of them include: 
Stars and Stripes


US News and World Report


Denver Post 


Roanoke (Va.) Times


Bristol (Tenn.) Herald Courier


Columbus (Ga.) Ledger-Enquirer


Bellingham (Wash.) Herald

Macon (Ga.) Telegraph


Trinidad Chronicle News


The Eagle, Brazos, Tex.


Dothan (Ala.) Eagle


Clay Center (Kan.) Dispatch


Myrtle Beach Online


Cortez Journal


Boulder Daily Cameria




Eaton and UNC's Gen. Carol Mutter: First

3-star woman officer in the U.S. armed forces 









In Evans, Dos Rios students toss in pennies -- and

more -- for Honduras sister schools 




The Greeley-raised uncle Rockies owner

Dick Monfort was named after





A lawsuit, cassette tape, subpoena and

the opening of a landmark CTE case 




Two columns on the death of Irv Brown




 Read both columns here ... 






Abusing Safe2Tell, at Roosevelt or anywhere else,

insults school shooting victims 





On John McCain: Representing vets, in Greeley

and elsewhere, of an unpopular war





 Bush7.jpg BushNote.jpg

A treasured communication with George H.W. Bush 





FreiColumn-GDT-011419-3.jpg FreiColumn-GDT-011419-8.jpg

Why is a Greeley woman in these pictures with the Supreme Court 

in the Rotunda as George H.W. Bush lies in state?






MLK Day Tribute to a Colorado trailblazer, Lt. Col. John Mosley 




Four columns on the presentation of the French

Legion of Honor Medal to Colorado-connected

veterans of World War II   



(Recommended: Click to read an omnibus one-story

version on the recipients, leading with nurse Leila Morrison: 

Also on Philip Daily, Bill Powell, Armand Sedgeley, Joe Graham,

Harry Maroncelli. 

(Leila Morrison drops the ceremonial first puck at the Sabres-Avalanche game on February 26, 2020)  



Individual stories below 


France thanks Colorado veterans of World War II 

with Legion of Honor Medal 




Greeley's H. Gordon Johnson flew "Over the Hump"

... and was just getting started 




Greeley's LeRoy Kerns saw a lot (and a lot of action) in WWII



 Amazing story of WWII-era missionary physician,

Coloradan Dorothy Kinney Chambers

Denver Post (right), Stars and Stripes, Washington Times, Miami Herald, The State, Fresno Bee,

Modesto Bee, Charlotte Observer, and Tri-City Herald were among the 30 other outlets that ran this

column. Per Muckrack.




 Two columns on Eaglecrest High and UNC grad

Andy Kelso, unlikely Broadway star



1, He knows the neon lights are bright ...

after waiting tables




 2, Back into the role of Charlie

in Kinky Boots, to close the show





Lyndie Moe, "Rent" don't just get

standing "O" .. they earn it 





Greg Carroll, vibraphone virtuoso





Ex-Joffrey star comes out of retirement 

for Nutcracker in Greeley  





UNC student by day, star of "Asher Lev"

in Denver by night 



On Dr. Steve Bagley's "do-over" with donated heart




Long-time Greeley football coach Mick Holmes is a

walking reminder in Heart Month 




You don't beat multiple myeloma. You hold it off. 




Stroke survivor Rhonda Spreng of Milliken battles on




Brecca Gaffney blazing trail in post-doctoral research 




Two Columns on Honor Flight


1, Honor Flight shuts down




Keeping alive the memories of the 144 killed in Big Thompson Flood




When the water kept rising in 2013 Greeley flood 




Greeley's Jeff Davis, son of BTK Killer's

final victim, tackles the tough question  



A Woman's Place




At 40th anniversary of A Woman's Place founding, a look back at the rocky early days 


Gail Monk Newton's story is a tribute to A Woman's Place 


From the Gala: Heather Holmes tells the audence why she is so grateful





Eaton High and CSU's Trent Sieg snaps his way into the NFL 





As Von Miller chased Simon Fletcher's record, the two became friends 


Vance Joseph's firing 




 The good news is, Vic Fangio is proving to be his own man ... 

and is being allowed to be 




On the Broncos' acquisition of Joe Flacco 




A year with Nick Saban ... before he was Nick Saban 





Tough Sledding: Warrior Avs 




From Greeley Stampede: Bull riders are crazy ... 

and damn proud of it 



Meet cantankerous Willard Burbach of Greeley: 

Cowboy-turned-horseman, state's top thoroughbred breeder





Teaching "Hard Knocks" kids through boxing:

Meet Greeley's veteran trainer






On the frosty transition to full-strength beer at grocery stores 



A remarkable man is mourned in tiny Roggen, Colorado 




Retired Major Percy Wolf is bringing his troops to Greeley for reunion 




A story I wish I didn't have to write: Death of Randy Bangert  

The Denver Post also ran this story in the paper and online




Mary Margaret Cox was an Angel on Wheels



IMG_2087.JPG Cameron.jpg

Sir, yes, sir: Johnstown's Cameron Eldridge impressively settles in at Naval Academy 




Pediatric cancer victim Alexandra "Alex" Scott's legacy lives on



The iconic 48-year-old Mexican restaurants in LaSalle: Farmers Inn and Armadillo




Two women, one darned disease




The Carnival Life 



Life on the road -- and as Toy Story's Jessie -- with Disney on Ice's Lea Nightwalker 





A musty flag is folded and tucked in honor of WWI vet



Author John A. Daly has readers turning the pages





Chamber of Commerce CEO has a dog-show life on the side 




Best in Show: Afghan Hound national specialty ... in, yes, Greeley





Greeley's Hope Warm Water Pool Controversy

(This was a big, big deal ...) 



GCI board listens to emotional testimony opposing pool closing


Column on the controversy



Families of brain-injured Stephens Farm residents defend GCI



After reversal, Hope Cassidy's son and daughter praise the decision 






(As a supplement, here's a full archive of Terry Frei pieces in that year, ranging from

helping out with the minor and mundane, to the major.)