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This page honors all U.S. World War II veterans, of all backgrounds. 


The stories here, accessible through the links, are a sampling of

Terry Frei's writing about athletes' service during the war, in both

theaters, including against the forces of Hitler and Nazi Germany.



-- John Mosley, Manual High and Colorado A&M (State). Tuskegee Airman




 -- Walter "Bus Bergman, Denver North High and Colorado A&M

(Bronze Star), and other Marines in ... 

Christmas Eve 1944: A "Football Classic" on Guadalcanal



-- Elmer Gedeon, Michigan and Washington Senators, killed on bombing

mission against the forces of Nazi Germany.  




Richard Lee "Dick" Monfort, killed on bombing mission against the 

forces of Nazi Germany. 



-- Lewis "Dude" Dent, Craig (Colo.) and Colorado A&M, killed in

combat against the forces of Nazi Germany.  





 -- Perry Blach, Yuma and Colorado A&M (State), from Normandy to

Germany against the forces of Nazi Germany.  



-- Mark Hoskins and Don Pfotenhauer, Wisconsin, prisoners of war

after fighting against the forces of Nazi Germany.



-- Dave Schreiner, Wisconsin, killed in the Battle of Okinawa


Bob Baumann (74), with Dave

Schreiner (80) and Crazylegs Hirsch (40)


--  Bob Baumann, Wisconsin, killed in the Battle of Okinawa.


-- Don Straub, Colorado State, final survivor of a dive bomber crew