December 16, 2022



My best book -- Olympic Affair: Hitler's Siren and America's Hero -- came out 10 years ago today. It got rapturous reviews and endorsements. And still does. 


I'll swallow my pride and ask (beg?) you to take a look here, if you haven't already.  


That page includes the book's listings on the usual suspect sales sites, plus info and notices.


I've adapted three of my books, but not Olympic Affair. Yet it is no stretch to note that one of the most common reactions I've gotten from readers is, "That would make a great movie." 


My publisher, Taylor Trade, allowed me to morph what originally was researched and envisioned as a non-fiction work into a cinematic, hybrid fact-fiction novel. The narrative of the relationship between notorious and toxic actress/filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl and 1936 Olympic decathlon champion Glenn Morris, from tiny Simla and CSU, is much closer to the truth than most "based-on-a-true story" movies out there and even best-selling books labeled and shelved as "history." As I wrote, I saw it playing out in my head -- and I coudn't wait to start writing each day to see where it would take me.    


(The dust jacket pictured here is a modified version of what's on the hardback.)




"Leni's Visit"


"Aren't You Thomas Wolfe?" 




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