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The rebooted woodypaige.com


I'm writing commentaries on woodypaige.com, the web site of journalist and ESPN personality Woody Paige.


It's an honor.


Woody and I first worked together at the Rocky Mountain News. I was a University of Colorado student working part-time at the paper when Woody came to Denver and we've been friends ever since. We also worked together for many years at The Denver Post


I'll be doing national-oriented pieces for Woody while continuing to write On the Colorado Scene commentaries on my own site. I also still will be writing for other outlets, including Mile High Sports magazine.


Links to my woodypaige.com work are below.  


-- T.F.





Yale-Harvard? Students were set to occupy the field 50 years ago at the Texas-Arkansas Big Shootout 




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If NHL, MLB trends continue,

here's what could happen in NFL






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 Time to pay NCAA athletes? Wait ... we already do!


Murray1.jpg DanielNeb1.jpg

My suggested OT system -- for both the NFL and NCAA



A year after accepting in-trial settlement, ex-Longhorn's widow still at war with football