October 1, 2020



I'm thinking my next novel is going to be about an incumbent Republican president running for re-election. It will pay homage to Sinclair Lewis and the declarative title of his 1935 novel, which referred to the rise of Fascism in Europe, yet not duplicate the plot.   


The Republican candidate makes an issue of potential mail voting fraud and at least by implication raises the possibility he will not accept the results if he loses.


The Democratic Party and its followers blast him for that.


Of course, the Democrats argue, we MUST accept and respect the election results, flawed or otherwise! Anything else is unthinkable and disgusting! Didn't the Democrats accept 2000? Didn't the Republicans accept 1960? 


Then in this election, the Republican incumbent and his followers resort to intimidation and fraud in the voting process, and when the ballots are tallied, the sitting president is declared the winner.  


 How can the Democrats argue that the results shouldn't be accepted?

They can't.


That's as far as I've gotten.


So, I ask you, how should I have it go from there?


Rob Reiner should direct the screeen version.